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Get Into the Habit

Published by 911 Restoration Baltimore on June 3, 2015 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags:

Habits are always given a bad rap, but in truth there are lots of good habits out there that more people should be doing on a regular basis to better not only their own situation, but everyone around them as well. Disasters happen all the time, and to people of all walks of life, and this means that in order to be one top of our game and ready for anything, that we need some best practices turned habits to be prepared. Here are some solid habits that every homeowner should incorporate into their regular routine, if only to be ready for anything.

  • Clean your gutters. Every year in the portions of the country with colder weather, Ice Dams destroy roof lines and create water damage and mold inside homes with a regular freeze thaw cycle that costs thousands to repair. This can easily be avoided through a simple gutter cleaning that doesn’t take that long and costs far less.
  • Check your pipes. Pipe bursts happen to the best of us, but they don’t have to. A pipe burst can easily be avoided through a habit of checking your pipes and then providing them with any maintenance that needs to be done quickly so that it doesn’t turn into a nightmare down the road when your whole home fills with water.
  • Test sump pumps. Sumps pumps are an absolute necessity in many areas of the country with crawlspaces and basements as they collect ground and rainwater and then discharge it into the city sewer system which saves it from going directly into your home. Getting into the habit of checking the quality and functionality of your sump pumps will ensure that even if your home does fall victim to a severe storm or other catastrophe, that it will survive unscathed because you were prepared.
  • Set up a Bug-Out-Bag. Lots of the most prepared people know that they also need to have a plan ready for the event that forces them to evacuate from their homes. In the case of such a nightmare, you should have a bug out bag ready and waiting for whenever you need to….bug out. A good habit is to fill your bag with emergency things like a lighter, a thermal blanket, a whistle, compass, knife and any other survival tools you might need in order to survive a few days away from home.
  • Prep the Pets. The number of homeowners in the country with pets is overwhelming, and the number of those same homeowners who have never even considered what they will do with their pet during a time of disaster is discouraging. Don’t be one of these people. Get a prep bag ready for Fido as well as yourself for if a disaster happens. You’re pets will likely be highly confused and scared, and they will need you as much if not more than you need them during this time, so make sure you have a way to look after them and take care of them should anything happen.

Being prepared is probably one of the best habits that you can get into on a regular basis. It’s always good to know anything you might need to about being prepared for whatever comes your way. From a super tornado to a landslide, you should be prepared for anything as a homeowner, and there are a myriad ways to do so. So if you’re trying to get into the habit of doing something good, then get in the habit of checking that everything is good first and go from there.

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