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5 Reasons to Sanitize Your Home During Spring Cleaning

Published by 911 Restoration Baltimore on March 16, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

Why Sanitation is Important during Spring Cleaning
After keeping our homes packed and cozy for the winters, spring cleaning allows us to freshen up our homes. Thorough spring cleaning also allows us to make our homes safer and healthier in the long run. However, spring cleaning without sanitation is incomplete, and sanitizing the home is as important as cleaning. While many have learned to sanitize their home often due to the two-year pandemic, sanitizing the home as part of spring cleaning is essential.

Moreover, the definition of cleanliness can vary from person to person. Some people can consider organizing and storing things away as cleanliness, while others may believe that vacuuming the floor is enough cleanliness. However, instead of changing people’s definitions or ideas of cleanliness, adding the term “and sanitation” to spring cleaning can make it easy for people to understand how to spring clean their homes effectively. Let’s take a look at the benefits of sanitizing the home during spring cleaning:

It Removes Germs, Pesticide, and Mold

While regular cleaning and sanitizing takes care of most of the germs around the house, spring cleaning and sanitizing allow the home occupants to remove all germs that they may miss in their daily or weekly cleaning schedules. Since spring cleaning is thorough, sanitizing the home alongside cleaning can help remove germs from all nooks and crannies.

Spaces and spots in the home such as over the curtain railings, space above the kitchen cabinets, under the sink counter or wardrobes, and shoe cabinets can harbor germs. Such dark and inaccessible spaces can also become a habitat for pesticides and mold.

Under the sink, cabinets can also have signs of water damage. If you spot water damage under the sink in your kitchen, call a professional water damage restoration service as your priority. Water damage under the sink or any other spots in the sewage system can also encourage mold growth in your home.

Mold cannot be removed by only cleaning either. It requires special cleaning treatment and sanitation afterward. However, cleaning and sanitizing the dark and hidden corners of the home regularly can keep mold and other pesticides away from your home.

It Promotes Good Health

Even if your home looks clean at first glance, thorough observation may show that the home is only clean and not sanitized. When the immunity system in your or your family members’ bodies isn’t constantly fighting foreign invaders, it becomes stronger. Moreover, you and your family wouldn’t fall sick often, promoting stronger immunity.

Strong immunity is directly linked to improved health. Studies have also shown a link between cleaner homes and improved health. Ultimately, a sanitized home can greatly improve the quality of life in home.

It Keeps Away Covid-19

Maintaining cleanliness at home and sanitizing it thoroughly can also help reduce your and your family’s chances of catching the coronavirus. Ventilating the home and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as electric switches, doorknobs, tables, chairs, toilets, taps, TV remote, kitchen surfaces, etc., can keep coronavirus away from your home. Maintaining personal hygiene and sanitizing the laundry when washing can also help keep your household covid-free. You can follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines on household cleaning and sanitizing for further tips to keep coronavirus away.

It Helps Keep Home Cleaner

When you are concerned about the germs, you won’t allow them to harbor anywhere. In simple words, sanitizing the home will also help keep it clean and organized. It would naturally instill in you the need to clean and disinfect any dirty surface as soon as possible. You wouldn’t put off wiping kitchen counters, doing laundry, or washing dishes. Your daily and weekly cleaning routines will also become more effective and quick in the long run. Eventually, you will achieve a home that is always clean, tidy, and sanitized.

It Decreases Stress

Our physical space affects our subconscious and our mental health. According to research, our homes can have an especially strong impact on our mood all day long. Moreover, a clean and tidy space boosts mental health.

The reason for this phenomenon might be the fact that organized homes take less time to clean and sanitize. If you already keep your home clean and tidy, you must be aware of how quickly you can sort all the things at their designated spaces. When there is no dirty laundry, used dishes, or random objects on the floor, sweeping it can take less than a minute. Moreover, clutter-free spaces feel bigger. The air inside your home will also smell fresh if there is no visible filth, which can keep the mood of all the occupants positive and cheery.

If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned and sanitized your home in a long time, you can seek professional help for the purpose. Many restoration companies in Baltimore, such as the 911 Restoration of Baltimore, provide complete cleaning and sanitizing services for residential and commercial properties. 911 Restoration in Baltimore can also diagnose and treat signs of water damage and mold growth in your home.

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